My music taste

My favorite band is Green Day, they play "punk rock" but also now known for alternative rock, they have three members, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt. They are still making music today, also releasing a new album called, "Father Of All.." very soon. I prefer listening to older music(1970's-1990's) better than new music like the rap and electronic music.The type of artists I don't enjoy listening to are like Cardi B, K pop, The weekend, and The Jonas brothers. My favorite is alternative rock and punk rock. What used to be called punk rock is now usally listed as alternative rock so they are close to eachother sometimes. Sometimes I will listen to new soft songs, or "pop" when I'm in the mood. I enjoy listening to the ukelele, and sometimes acustic version of songs. New rap and pop are mostly about innapropriate topics that spit out bad language everywhere with no care.I believe those type of songs are bad influences for teens. I don't see how people find that cool. My favorite artists or bands are:

  1. Green Day
  2. Blink-182
  3. Twenty one pilots
  4. Melanie Martinez
  5. Queen
  6. Mxmtoon
  7. Dodie
  8. Jimmy Eat World

I've been to one concert for Twenty One Pilots and it was very exciting. I am also going to go to Hella Mega Tour in july 2020, mainly for Green Day because they are my favorite but also weezer and Fall out Boy will be playing.

Green Day